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I'm an independent corporate educator and trainer retired from 44 years of government service. I now volunteer in the Charlotte area in human development and public service activities. Competencies: skilled Instructor, well-versed in corporate training, instructional design, blended learning, and classroom skills. Also very experienced in agency missions, the training component, the HR role, areas of employee development, and writing both personnel and operational policy. Specific subjects include: four areas of development for new supervisors, planning and implementation of major training projects, large agency communications and cooperation, and the human side of production. And in the area of personal growth, educated and experienced in human development, life-long learning, stress management, and parenting children with personal clarity.

Half-day Seminars and Course List

Instructional Design
    for Educators/Trainers

Human Development
and Parenting

Courses for Supervisors

Performance Appraisals – designing and using appraisals as the foundation of your business and legal relationships with employees.
Employee Development – Basic Leadership and Performance Management skills for supervisors.
Discipline – a positive approach to retaining employees, or conducting a proper termination.
Hiring - Conducting interviews that are both in-depth and legal.

Skills for Blended Learning: Instructional Design, Learning Hierarchy, Methodology and Administration.
Planning for and operating a Learning Management System: Content design, assessments, and managing expectations.
Classroom Instructor Skills: lesson organization, communication skills, and questions to or from trainees.
Presenting Coaching Skills to Supervisors

Parenting With Clarity: Values, Thinking and Feelings in the Stages of Child Development.
Orientation to Transactional Analysis for personal development and communications
Orientation to Transactional Analysis in Counseling for Undergraduate College Students

Is There (Significant) Religious Discrimination in the U.S. Military?  Starting in about 2004 there have been a series of allegations of discrimination at the service academies and within the regular U.S. Forces. This is a talk about my military experience (1963-1989), examples of the recent complaints, and an opportunity to ask questions and discuss. 


A Framework for Personal Discussions on Race.  America is embroiled in headlines about race relations. If your group would like to have a discussion about the topic, this talk presents a framwork to understand individual differences, a list of the skills useful in such a discussion, and suggested groundrules for proceeding. Discussion and questions are part of the event.
Becoming Fully Human, or living adequately with your imminent death.  This is my synthesis of several books from some of the best writers in psychology and religion on the topic of "being human." The synthesis is certainly not comprehensive, and I do add my thoughts on the process. Might be 'food for thought.' Discussion follows.
Chaos, Complexity, Wickedness and You. In the face of uncertainty, you matter!  Scientific chaos pertains to our physical world; and complexity and wickedness describe the current world problems which are "embedded in the social context" of our humanness. This talk provides a way to think about these issues which, hopefully, encourages people to 'stay engaged' and work for what they see as "good." Discussion to follow.

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More about Rich
Personal:  I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN - but don't get back there much any more. I met Cheryl while I was in the Air Force in south Georgia and we have been married 48 years. We have two daughters and their families here in the Charlotte, NC area. I had an excellent high school and college education in "STEM" (science, technology, engineering, math). I also got a good foundation in the humanities, but did not deeply engage in that realm. Later, following marriage and the births of my daughters, I got intrigued by human development, the importance of parenting, and the power of culture and society.
My Services: If you see a topic that interests you on this site, contact me by e-mail. My services are low-cost or no-cost depending on your situation. To get to know you and understand your request, I would like to visit you; but we can talk by phone if that seems best. If my ideas sound helpful to you, we can arrange to do a presentation, discussion, or class for your audience. NOTE: for some talks and most classes I will need your help with a classroom or discussion venue and visual aids (data projector, dry board).
Professional: I served in the Air Force for 22 years and trained for the State of Alabama for 22 years. In eight very different agencies, I was an instructor pilot, classroom teacher, performance coach, curriculum writer for a broad spectrum of technical and humanistic topics, training manager, or deputy director for training administration. Also, I was the agency administrator for the first operational Learning Management System in Alabama's executive government (online work courses for employees at their work desks). That system served 4,000 employees state wide. I have also presented public service courses based on Transactional Analysis in the areas of personal growth, men’s issues, family relations, parenting, and understanding the values and emotions of politics and religion. Finally, I regularly led religious discussions and book studies on theology. Formal education and certificates:
  •          BS in Mathematics (1967) from the United States Air Force Academy
  •          MS in Counseling and Human Development (1981) from Troy University (Montgomery campus)
  •          Transactional Analysis Practitioner Certificate (2010) from the United States of America Transactional Analysis Association
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